Saturday, 22 December 2012

About Sedarah Malaysia

Pertubuhan Penderma Darah Malaysia  or SEDARAH MALAYSIA in short or Malaysia Blood Donors Society is a registered body, being registered with the Registrar of Society Malaysia.

The Organisation is formed as a non-profit organization to promote the interest and welfare of members throughout the nation, irrespective on their race, religion, sex or political inclination. The organisation derives its funds from members’ subscription, donations and fund-raising activities.

The main activities of the organisation being blood donation campaigns where campaign is being organised regularly in throughout the year.

Sedarah Malaysia will also negotiate with public and private sectors for the granting of special privileges to its members as their token of appreciation for what its members contribute to the community and as an incentives for them to continue to be blood donors.


The overall objective of Sedarah Malaysia is to unite all blood donors in Malaysia for their social and welfare interests while contributing toward a more conscious and civic minded citizens of the nation, its specific objectives are to:

• Foster closer ties among blood donors

• Safeguard the interest and welfare of its members, especially pertaining to their health and health related activities.

• Instill in the members the virtue of donating blood and the healthy benefit gained from such a practice.

• Co-operate with the authority to ensure only clean and disease-free blood is donated

• Disseminate information through seminar, forum and the like on practical healthy living

• Acquire facilities and properties for the development and growth of the organization

• Engage in worthwhile projects that will bring benefit to all members in general